YOU said...WE said...

Our email load grows constantly here at VisitMyHarbour, so we're putting on display some of the sorts of enquiry we get and cheerfully deal with.  Maybe you'll find an answer to your question here. Most enquiries can be dealt with more efficiently on the phone, as it saves emailing back and forth, thus time.  During office hours just call:
01983 293757 M-F 11-4  UK landline, normal charges apply.

Otherwise just use the contact us form at any time.  Any sample contacts shown on this page will NEVER reveal your name or email address or anything that could identify you.

Thank you Steve

I'm grateful and very impressed. My wife and I have recently purchased a boat. Its a rib and we are probably in the category of people you refer to as perhaps not needing the membership! But I think what you are doing is amazing and we want to support you. Also, we are very keen and eager to learn new skills. And although we may never sail across the deep blue seas, (apart from when I dream!), your website is full of really useful information.

Furthermore, we want to feel safe and in control. As much as one can be. And being able to use your charts, along with the excellent marine navigator software on our own tablet is wonderful. I have to say, we only downloaded it all last night. But after reading and following your instructions, it appeared reasonably simple and intuitive, even to complete beginners like us. I'm.booked on the RYA SRC radio course and the Powerboat level 2. And I can already see the advantages of using our "chartplotter" with regard to both. And it really helps in understanding principles, far more than reading about them. At least for us.
So thank you and well done. And best wishes for the future.

Received 5th Feb 2020

Linx 10-10 tablet highly recommended by us

        On your advice I bought the Linx 10 on eBay for £70 with keyboard. Thank you it's fabulous. I spoke to you about the network on my boat and now with the windows tablet it all works perfectly.

It now means that any one on board can connect to sea clear on any device via the boats router. The router is free from Internet connection and everything is low powered.

So far I have had 3 iPads 2 androids 3 iPhones and my old Motorola tablet all checking position, boat speed and AIS info at the same time. Good fun eh!"

This was sent at 01/11/2016 18:44:23


Thanks John, glad it's all working well.  The LINX is a cracking little Windows PC that'll run many nav programs using our charts. Low and easily arranged power requirements too.  Networking offline with remote control from any onboard device is a great bonus.

We are actually in the process of developing a 12v  rugged waterproof wifi/cellular combo unit that can be hoisted up to the crosstrees.  4G internet (weather, emails, etc.) when in range of shore if switched on for all wifi network 24/7 for on-board remote screens/control.

Kind regards

Raster Charts

"Hello Steve,

Thank you for your help, all done and installed. I am very impressed with your products and support, I purchased your chart CD and wireles gps kit for use with Seaclear which I thought was great but this Android install with Marine Navigator is even better for ease of use.

I'm a raster fan, although I have a Raymarine C80 with a Navionics UK pack I much prefer these and only use the C80 as a rough guide. The raster charts are far superior in my opinion.

Best Regards"

Thanks Brad,

Yes, we are fans of raster charts big time.  Our new Unified Charts product has been designed for using raster charts with OpenCPN as the plotter, on budget Windows tablets like the LINX 10-10.

Android is great as a standalone, but for a plumbed in system with AIS, radar overlays, capable of driving an autopilot, etc..the Windows tablets are great.

Kind regards,

Tide time differences

I've recently joined your site and have found a lot of useful information on it. I've been looking at tides for Poole, specifically on 30th March and I would be interested to know why high tide is shown at a different time to that on UKHO easytide ?

There's a 2 hour difference which is a little concerning .."


You know Poole has double tides or a 2 Hour + stand ?  Easy tide has HW at 3 hours odd after LW ???    VMH has HW at 6 hrs after LW odd...

Have a look at their (UKHO) graph for that day.  They have gone for the FIRST HW..we have gone for the 2nd.

Neither is wrong. Just a difference in deciding which of the 2 HWs is higher than the other..probably a matter of 10 cm max..

Support OpenCPN on Android ?


I've been using the Android charts I purchased with Marine Navigator successfully. I'm keen to try using these charts with OpenCPN, on the same tablet, as this offers some interesting functionality is be interested in exploring.

Is this possible?

Let me know

Hello Ms XXXXX,
Short answer no.  OpenCPN (in our opinion) has a LONG way to go on Android before we'd attempt to work with it.  In particular the image quality of 127 DPI charts is very gritty, and not acceptable...yet.  There are boring technical reasons that they need to address when dealing with raster images in an Android environment.
On the Windows side they have fixed this with OpenGL mode, in fact running OpenCPN on a Linx 10-10 cheap Windows tablet, runs rings around anything we've seen on Android or ipad. With our installed charts which will be out soon..rather than poking out ChartStick.
Kind regards,
Steve Bryant


Why has my SeaClear expired?


I bought the charts (CD) from you last year, not sure when exactly. They worked very well, but then completely disappeared from my laptop.  Can you explain why this has happened, please?
I was using them perfectly well until September.  The version I loaded on my tablet are still visible.



I have no idea what you have done to them.  New anti-virus taken dislike to them ? Upgraded to W10 ?

They do not expire or stop of their own accord.  If you are sure they have completely disappeared , check carefully...then try re-installing from the DVD you were supplied with. The license is kept elsewhere, so should still be there.

If you suspect AV causing problem, install with AV off and test (be disconnected from internet for safety)

Kind regards,

Steve Bryant


You don't have to pay £25 membership, to get "full screen" tide tables...


"unfortunately your system is misleading as I only require tide tables nothing else and it advises these are free. I have no intention of paying £25 or any other monies so please delete my account immediately. The account was formed only a few seconds ago and has not been used."

This was sent at 26/09/2015 16:52:49

Dear Mr xxxx,

You have not been mislead, having signed up, you can now access the tide tables (in full screen mode) without paying anything at all.  What's more we don't collect emails to bombard you with rubbish either.  ONE newsletter a year maybe at most.

SO, try out the free full sceen tide tables.

I will hapilly delete you on Monday if required, the £25 full membership is OPTIONAL not a requirement.  It helps us maintain our service, of which the tide tables are a small part, and for which we have to pay hefty ongoing fees to the British Admiralty.

Kind regards,

Antares Scottish Charts...

"I  cruise in W Scotland and have a set of large scale "Antares"  charts in KAP format. Can they work in conjunction with your Marine Navigator Android chart packs ?"

Hello Mr XXX,

Yes they will work with Marine Navigator, as do ours.  The trick is to make them all work together, rather than as separate chart folders.

This involves getting all the Antares .kap files (chart files) OTHER THAN the the overview chart... and putting them in a .zip folder. Name that folder exactly the same as the VMH chartset you have already
installed. Then put the .zip into downloads on the Android.  Import them using Marine Navigator.

They will then end up in the same place as the official charts and will work in conjunction with them...

Kind regards,

Steve Bryant

PS we can assist on phone !


Grumpy Birdwatcher...

"Every port or harbour clicked on says find another location. I am a bird watcher who organises visits to the coast.

I saw this site thought brilliant planning will be so easy. How wrong I can be.

Perhaps this site is for  sailors only. If you put in Newport you get Newport I of Wight. That's posh'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Dear Mr XXXX,

Visit My Harbour provides free information about 260 odd harbours of interest to small craft mariners, motor or sail.  It is mainly of use to those who move around in boats, and we tend to concentrate on places they might be interested in stopping with facilities for them.

Newport in Wales is a commercial port with no facilities for a visiting boater, so it's not high on our priority to cover it.  Newport in IoW does have facilities for small craft, so we cover it.

The only thing we do that may be of use to you are the tide tables for 400 UK locations, which hopefully will enable you to help plan your coastal birdwatching expeditions.

Kind Regards,

Steve Bryant

Channel Islands coverage

Hi, any plans to cover the Channel Islands ?

Hello XXXXX,

We have full charts coverage available for the CI, and at some stage we'll get the harbour/marina coverage sorted.

We seem to be a bit tied up with Scotland at present.

The free harbour coverage is a bit of a labour of love (very popular though).  We try to get 20-50 new harbours on every winter.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Steve.  For the harbours I know, your information is spot on, so please keep it up!

iPads and members


"I tend to use iPad a lot, but have Windows laptop and PC. Does one 'membership' permit me to use your services on all my devices? I am in the process of writing a novel and am an ex-seafarer.


Dear Mr xxxxxxx,

Joining up as a member allows you to access the Members Area on any online computer/tablet.

Around the free part of the site the charts won't work in ipads (as they are in a flash player).   All the charts in the members area all have special HTML5 versions that will work on ipads.

The google earth compatible charts in the members area will not work properly on any mobile devices, but work fine on PCs and Macs.  The mobile versions of google earth are not as powerful as the full version.

Kind Regards,

Do I need to pay again ?


"I bought SeaClear UK and Irel\nd from you in the spring, and installed it on my laptop on board my yacht..  The laptop has seen its best days and I have bought a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet to replace it.

I want to transfer SeaClear to the Samsung.  Can this be done, or do I have to download it again, and if so, do I have to pay again ?"

This was sent at 13/10/2013 11:48:41



The 2013 DVD/dongles can be used to install our charts on an Android tablet. They run in Marine Navigator rather than SeaClear which is Windows only. The 2 programs are very similar.  This explains how:


Kind Regards,

Printing Tide Tables


"Can you tell me if I am able to print out monthly tide tables and how I go about this.
Thank you"



Yes they can be printed, but it's a roundabout way, there's no print button when you go full screen.

Go full screen, drag the whole month you want nice and central.  In full screen you can get 1 whole month showing at at a time.


Press your  "prt sc" button (on some machines you may need to press another key at the same time like "fn")  This copies a screenshot to your clipboard. Now open an image program, like "Paint" (native to windows).  Use "edit" and "Paste"  or CTRL V   to drop the captured screenshot into "paint".

Now you can save the image or print it out from "paint".

Sounds complicated, but it's really very easy once you've done it a couple of times.

If you need more help, just phone 01983 567866  M-F 10-6

Hope this helps,

Waypoints and passage planning

"I have bought a DVD of Chichester harbour from you in the past and it was very good. I am considering joining as a member and to a appreciate the hard work you have put in to the project.

Looking at your site and about to do a passage plan from Langstone harbour to Bemberidge I am a bit confused as to how the facilities in your website can help. You have excellent local details of Bembridge itself and have a local Waypoint, however we can not use your online charts and there is no facility of overlay of tidal streams is there?

I would of thought you would by now be providing Waypoints, routes perhaps associated, or easily referable to the tidal stream charts.

Kindly let me know if I could prepare a passage plan and perhaps suggestions of Waypoints using your information.

Many thanks"

Update 14/10/2013    Technical author  Chris Medway has actually written a 178 page ebook called "Route Planning using Google Earth and VisitMyHarbour overlay charts"

This gives step by step instructions "how to" actually plan passages, taking tidal streams into account, using our members online VisiCharts


Hello Mr XXXXX,

Not sure what DVD you've got there, we don't make DVDs of Chichester harbour. Full Members can do a lot of planning using the Google Earth versions of our charts, lifting waypoints etc, but ....

For your purposes, and it will come in handy time and time again, we recommend the "Charts for SeaClear DVD"


It's a buy and keep product (£29.50), runs in any windows machine with a DVD drive.

With this, at home and on a big screen, you can plan your passage, get waypoints, and save routes.  In conjunction with a tidal stream atlas (paper or online) you can play out various scenarios manually.  It's not built in, you'd have to treat it as if you were doing tidal vectors on a paper chart, not difficult at all.

Then use all the free info we provide, print if reqd.  Between the info and the SeaClear plotter you'll have the means to plan any passages you may want to tackle in the future too.

What's more you could connect a GPS to your laptop and navigate real time at sea.  OR put the charts onto an Android tablet with built in GPS for power saving onboard chartplotting. The SeaClear DVD is very versatile.

Kind Regards,

Enquiry about membership/Android charts

"Hi, I am keen to order a 7 inch android with charts, is there a requirement to be a member also. thanks"

" Hello Mr XXX,

No you don't need to be a member.  You can just get the Android charts for £14.99  (members get for £7.99).


You don't even have to pay for the charts till you've installed them."

"hi Steve, no I purchased an Android yesterday, but wondered if any benefits were attached concerning the membership discounts."

"Hello Mr XXX,
Yes of course there are benefits to joining up as a life member.  It's £25, one off.  Yes you get things we make at a discount. The Android charts are £7.99 for members.
We were doing memberships long before we started making "For Nav" products.
Right, why join ?   If you have access to a computer, PC or Mac, the members only area offers you access to about 1500 UKHO charts viewable if "Full Screen" format.  UK/Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Belgium.  West Indies, plus lots of other far flung places to explore.
The best reason, and what members tell us they really like, are our own invention.. online VisiCharts.
These are standard UKHO (Uk and Ireland only) raster charts, but they drape themselves over Google Earth satellite imagery. With a variable transparency control.  So at home and online you can really examine potential harbours, anchorages, etc.  In 3D chart and satellite combined, all melded together.  It gives a unique view of a place, from all angles.
This salespage is full of blurb, but you can try a VisiChart of Falmouth to see what we're talking about.
Membership also helps us continue our pilotage works, investigating harbours and writing them up. Members can access these features from any online computer at home or work.  Even the tide tables go "Full Screen" for members.
If you get about a bit at sea, it's well worth joining.  We have some big yachting and other well known "names" as members. For a one off £25 you can't go wrong.
Kind Regards,
Steve Bryant  "

For Nav charts on a Windows phone

"Hi, would it be possible to use this Windows phone as a chart plotter?   I also take your advise and will consider an android as a chart plotter for the boat for next season.

I have used your chart plotter in 2011/12 but not used the boat this year, but hope to in 2014 South West Scotland is where I'm moored.



This was sent at 14/09/2013 09:42:38

"Hello XXXXXX,

Our charts won't run on a Windows phone, sorry.  The best bet, if you still have the old SeaClear DVD is to send it back to us , with a cheque for £20 + 1.95 postage.

We'll send you a new DVD with SeaClear charts for Windows, PLUS it allows you to put the chartset onto 4 Android devices too.  Would recommend doing this in Feb 2014, when we will have 2014 charts. This way you get the best of all worlds, use on a PC at home/work.. and also use on tablet or phone.

For seagoing use, we'd recommend a 10" Android tablet, like the Motorola Xoom or the Samsung. To do proper routes and waypoints you really need a decent sized screen.

You could also put the charts onto any Android smartphone too, good for a quick position check.

Hope this helps"

Free updates for OpenCPN ChartSticks (and SeaClear USB dongles) first bought in 2013

"Dear Sirs,

I purchased your Chartstick Dongle for use with OpenCPN in April this year. I am very pleased with with the load up speed and the chart clarity. My charts are the Dec 2012 edition.

I sail in the Irish Sea from my base in Liverpool Marina and because of the high tidal ranges and multitude of drying sandbanks hereabouts I am finding the Drying Height data on  these Admiralty Charts a very important advantage in my navigation. I check my actual depths as I am sailing over sandbanks off the Wirral Peninsula and the North Wales Coast. I compare these corrected readings to the chart information and find that the agreement is quite good.

I noticed when I looked at your website today that I could send my dongle back to you for a free update to July 2013 edition. I think I paid you using my Mastercard through your Website back in April 2013 but I can't find any paperwork proof of purchase. Would you have any information on your accounts please?

I was going to send my Dongle back to you anyway early 2014 for an update and I might then have the same problem with not having proof of purchase?

Thank you


Dear Mr T,

Yes this offer now applies to your purchase, glad you're getting on with it. These are your purchase details:

8 May 2013 17:42:54 BST
Transaction ID: 3BP88538FX3XXXXXXX

I would print this email and send it with your USB dongle to us.  Send recorded delivery, and enclose enough postage stamps for us to return it recorded delivery too.  Other than that it's free.


Yes you could do this now and get 1st July charts... but you'd be better off waiting till Feb or Mar in 2014.  You will then have charts from 21 st Dec 2013.  As soon as you see on the website we're doing the new 2014 editions, that's the best time to get your free update.

Kind Regards,

Steve Bryant

Dear Steve,
Thanks for your astonishingly rapid reply.
Yes I will do as you suggest and send my dongle back to you as soon as the 21 dec 2013 updates are available.
Thanks again.

Using charts from the SeaClear DVD on an Android device


"I love the product & with your clear instructions got the laptop set up pretty quickly, now I would like to get a mobile set up in a waterproof case so I can have a handy cockpit plotter.

It's the "one off" bit that bothers me,

Is the rule to use any only one device at a time on the boat or does it mean I need dedicated mobile for the boat as a handheld plotter?

When I get a mobile upgrade can I re install the software to the new phone?

Again love the product, thank you for this service.


Hello xxx,

Firstly, if putting the charts onto an Android device from a DVD/dongle look for which email address the device sends the activation request.  If it's trying to send to

[email protected]  please change the address to [email protected]   or  [email protected] .   Lavabit has shut down (rather than give US gov backdoor access to it's customers emails).

Next, the license terms for android installation from the DVD/dongle.  You are allowed one Android installation in addition to the Windows useage.  You are not susposed to be using the 2 at the same time  BUT this is a UKHO stipulation, not ours. This obviously cannot be enforced...

Phones are too tiny to really do waypoints and routes.. as a quick pocket check of where you are on the chart they are OK though.  I use a Motorola Defy for this, as it's pretty waterproof, and it has a built in compass which the app can use to good effect.

Used in conjunction with the SeaClear running on a laptop this system works fine, but for a stand alone plotter, a tablet is best. If you change device you will loose your charts, they can't be transferred.

If you want extra activations we can do 2 Android activations for £7.99 (members price) if you ask us.

Hope this helps,

Kind Regards,

Steve Bryant

Radar Gadgets AIS receiver (we sold these through our site for Andy Thorne of Mirrorbow Technologies)

Dear Sirs

I would like to draw to your attention that on 31 July I ordered an "In Line" AIS receiver from your website.  I paid the price of £99.00 to Mirrorbow Technologies using PayPal.

Because the AIS had not been delivered, last Monday I made an online enquiry via the Mirrorbow website but did not receive a reply.  Yesterday i started to research Mirrorbow Technologies and discovered that it is a very small company owned by one director (Andrew Thorne) operating from a private house.

I emailed Andrew directly to request either immediate despatch of the AIS or a full refund and received the following response from his sister Nerissa Thorne:

"I'm so sorry but the owner of this business Andrew Thorne has died. I'm his sister and I'm trying to evaluate the situation here so please at the moment could you get a refund through paypal."

This is of course a very sad and difficult time for those concerned and I am naturally hesitant to pursue the matter at this time.  I'm sure you will understand however that I do need to ensure that I receive a refund.

In this respect, I understand that PayPal cannot give me a refund themselves, so I have asked Nerissa to deal with the refund through PayPal.  I don't know whether legally or technically she can do this.  In the event that I do not receive the refund and as I ordered the AIS from your website, I will regretfully be looking to yourselves for recompense.

I appreciate that you are probably not yet aware of this situation as you are still selling the AIS on your website, as are Mirrobow Technologies and RadarGadgets.  Can I suggest that you urgently review the situation and consider withdrawing or temporarily suspending the promotion of this product to avoid others encountering a similar situation.

I would like to reassure you that I have nothing but praise for the superb services and products you are supplying and am an ardent promoter of your web site.

I look forward to hearing how you would like to deal with this.


Yes, I was very concerned and removed the salespage and link on the 6th of August.  I tried and tried to contact Andy, we've had a good business relationship for a couple of years, totally reliable..  I found out Thur, from his sister he died suddenly on 2nd July from a brain bleed.  There was little or no warning, he was 45.
His family, mother father and sister only found out mid July, and have only just got his smart phone.. so can answer some emails.  That's how they found me.
This last 2 days I have been trying to help them sort things out.  We're hoping to get his PayPal stopped (needs paperwork sent), and get control of the website.  Have been to see them at his house, we can't get into his computers to access website, so are going to get the domian registrar to transfer control to the sister. (again more paperwork needs to be sent) Then we can help them put up a page.
Claim a refund via Pay Pal straight away.  His account will have money in it, no probs.  No one can access it.
I've assessed the situation, and think that after the dust settles, his sister will be able to continue with his AIS business.  There are around 200 incomplete units, which need finishing, machining, etc.
I'll put something on VMH ASAP, I've already posted on YBW forum.
It is terribly sad, and I'm trying to help his family who don't have a clue.  I am sorry I didn't know sooner, as I'd suspected something was amiss from mid to late July.  From his paper records, we see that nothing has been sent since end of June.
The sister will now be trying to answer all his angry customers one by one on his phone's browser, no other way of accessing his emails.
Kind Regards,
Steve Bryant

Dear Steve

Many thanks for your quick reply and I appreciate the very difficult and tragic situation yourself and Andy's family find themselves in.  It must have been a huge shock to everyone.

I lodged a dispute/claim with PayPal this morning and spoke to them about the situation.  Quite correctly they did not disclose that they were aware of anything and said that they would contact Mirrorbow Technologies to obtain their confirmation of the situation and agreement to issue the refund.   They also said that they would not close the account until all disputes had been resolved.

I'll sit tight now and let matters take their course.

Best of luck with working through all the things that need to be done and I hope that the AIS business is able to continue.

Kind regards

Flash Player problems with online charts..

"I'm having problems opening the online charts, I just get a blank screen with something like a no entry sign in the top left hand corner. Is is my computer or somethign wrong with the website?"

This was sent at 14/08/2013 20:15:49

Reply 15/8/13
Hello Mr XXXXXX,

No everything is working as it should.

One of  two possibilities.  If you're using an ipad,  you'll see 3 icons to the RH side of each chart title in the members area.   The middle one, looks like an ipad, tap that to launch the HTML5 version of the chart. (we're talking about charts in the members area here, not in the free part of the site)

If using a computer or mac, if you are seeing blank space where the chart should be... it will be because you dont have Flash Player installed for your browser.  99.5 % of all machines already have a flash player installed, so the way to check is to try looking at the site on a different machine. If the free charts work, so will the paid ones.

Solution in this case, go to and download Flash player for your browser.

If you are still having problems, please phone 01983 567866 M-F 10-6.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for the prompt reply, I now believe it is something to do with the Flash player, I recently downloaded the latest version and I think it hasn't installed correctly. I'll re-install and expect that should do the trick.

By the way, the package I bought from you (about 2 years ago) including SeaClear charts and GPS unit etc., works brilliantly on my old laptop, better than some dedicated chart plotters in my opinion.

Thank you for a great website and service.



Broken Dongle...

I have one of your chart dongles but I think it has developed an
intermittent connection. I bought the 2013 charts back in February. If I
returned it o you via recorded delivery is there any chance of a
replacement dongle?

Best wishes

Got the dongle back, it seemed OK here.  Anyway have replaced it, and sending back with the original too.
The new dongle has a metallic sticker on it.
Kind Regards,
Steve Bryant   


Thanks Steve much appreciated. I am buying a new laptop as well. .


AIS for SeaClear...where's your AIS gone ?

"Is it still possible to an AIS receiver for seaclear? I was hoping to
purchase the dvd charts, gps unit and AIS reciever.
VisitMyHarbour replied 13/8/13
Hello XXXX,

Yes it is possible.  We've taken our link to radar gadgets off for a while.

Andy at radar gadgets has dissapeared since the last 3 weeks and no one can
contact him.  I suspect something outside his control has happened, as we've
been promoting and selling his gadgets for 2 years now, and everything has
worked extremely well.

For the moment, we recomend getting the NASA AIS unit here:

This will work fine with our SeaClear charts and GPS, and if having problems
setting it all up, we can assist on the phone too.

Kind Regards,
Enquiry about using SeaClear charts on Android

"Hi, we recently bought the Seaclear charts from you and successfully have
them working on our pc.  We are now trying to use an Archos tablet as a
handheld.  I I have downloaded Marine Navigator.  Do you have instructions
as to how I add the charts please?

High regards


This was sent at 14/08/2013 08:59:53
VisitMyHarbour replied 14/8/13
Hello XXX,

Yes instructions are here:


Kind Regards,

Steve Bryant  

Enquiry about viewing members charts on an ipad


"Just registered, paid and activated and still can't see any charts on my
ipad. Sailing the east coast now so urgently need it working. Look forward
to hearing. Thank you. "

This was sent at 14/08/2013 23:10:13

VisitMyHarbour replied 14/8/13
Dear Mr XXXXX,
Got the message about Ipad viewing.  ipad charts are in members area, select a chart in the usual way in there, now look to the RH side of chart name.  You'll see 3 icons... laptop  ipad  google earth.  Use the ipad icon to launch HTML5 version of the chart.
Thank you for purchasing your permanent membership, hope it's .............

Enquiry about tidal curve graphs


I have just found your and joined your site.

I live on the Isle of Man and I have a question about the tide information
you have.

Is there anywhere on your site that displays the Tidal Curves Graphs for
the areas. Like the ones found in the Almanacs? Where we can put in the
values for HW and LW and times and work out the height of tide for a given



This was sent at 14/08/2013 18:22:56
VisitMyHarbour wrote  14/8/13:
Hello XXXX,

I know exactly what you mean, but no we don't have the tidal curves for
standard ports.

We've been asked about this before, and may well  acquire and get these on
the site this winter.

Kind Regards,

Steve Bryant

Our long term email provider SHUTS DOWN......Arrrgh!

If you've dealt with us in the past, you'll have received emails from  [email protected] .  Lavabit was a brilliant, reliable, privacy based and encrypted email service that we'd used for 5 years. (in fact it was so secure that Ed Snowded used the service)  In many ways it was better than our own server based email system.  On Thursday 8th August 2013 they suddenly shut themselves down.  A message appeared on their website:  In which the owner said he would rather shut the service rather than allow US Gov. snoops backdoor access.  Instead of rolling over, like the ususal suspects (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook et al)  he made a stand for the privacy of his customers which included visitmyharbour.   We applaud him even though it's been a real pain sorting everything out at this end.

To contact us use the contact form rather than replying to any emails you may have had from us at our old lavabit address.

Enquiry about Macs and Safari

"I have looked at your site after seeing it mentioned on my cub web site.
I am definitely going to subscribe but would like to check a few things.

Have you heard of any glitches regarding use on Macs using Safari?

What are the easiest ways of downloading the Admiralty Digital Catalogue,
Gadwin Screenprint and Mercator Sailing Widget?

Are there any other downloads I will need?

Will you be at the Boat Show this week?

I think your idea of displaying the Q + A e mails is particularly clever
on a variety of levels!

Good luck with this innovative project......."

This was sent at 10/01/2011 12:49:10
On 10 Jan 2011, at 13:43, Visit my Harbour wrote:
Hello ,
Thanks for the enquiry.
1.  Site and zoomify charts should work fine on a Mac and Safari.  If in doubt try out the sample charts on the sales page, if they work full screen mode, so will all the others.
2. The downloads are all available here:
Only problem is the GadwinScreen print is a windows only program.  I believe that Macs are well equipped to take screenshots however, using onboard software, see here:
The Mercator Sailing Widget should work, and indeed works offline without an internet connection too.
That's all you'll need to start passage planning.  As an aside, we will soon be launching the whole chart collection draped onto Google Earth (all members will be upgraded for free when it happens).  This is a real breakthrough, hasn't been done before and is quite stunning.  As long as your computer can work with Google Earth you'll also be able to see charts like this:
UPDATE:  Online VisiCharts (run in Google Earth) have been working for members since 2012
Look forward to having you as a member, and assure you of our prompt attention at all times.
Kind Regards,
Stephen Bryant   01983 567866 
PS won't be at the boat show...maybe next year.
Brilliant response.
Both in time and content.
I'll be recommending you to all at my club AND my previous one.
Feel free to put this up on your site.... if so minded.

A brickbat ..ouch !


"Hi having read about your service on one of the boating mags I tried it
today with aview to purchasing. What a disappointment!! As usual with all
southern based services you forget about one of the busiset boating areas
of UK namely west of scotland nothing north of portavadie, what a
disapointment all round. Would have been very useful for me as I live many
miles away from my boating area and it would have help during the winter

This was sent at 18/10/2010 09:18:27

Oh Dear,
Our first brickbat !  We do try so hard to provide a free service to boaters, at our own expense and effort.  Unfortunately we can't employ an army of staff to cover every harbour we'd like to, there's no money to be made giving our work  & time away for free.
We started with 120 harbours, got another 20 last winter and will be having a push to get another 20-50 this coming winter, which will include more of Scotland and N. Ireland, plus plugging the gaps in our Bristol Channel coverage.
Our paid for service does not include any more harbour coverage than we give freely.  It does however allow full access to absolutely all Admiralty charts covering the areas you're interested in (plus the whole UK and significant international coverage stretching from the River Amazon to the River Zambezi !)
Although based in the South, an important part of this team is Scottish born & bred ! . If you would like to give me your telephone number, I am more than happy to speak to you.
UPDATE 2013 Our own DonThomson has covered many Scottish harbours, they are availabe to all to check out.
Kind Regards,
Maury Mackenzie    01983 567866
PS   Have we really been mentioned in magazines ? didn't know about that.


"Very informative, the need to knows and the nice to knows.  Im planning on kicking off next season with a trip down from Lowestoft. These pages will be at the center of my planning.
This was sent at 06/09/2010 04:48:20




Will your chart service support iPhone/iPad soon?  I would buy today if it did!!

Thanks xxxxxxx


UPDATE 2012  All charts in the members area are now ipad compatible

Hi Jim,

Short answer NO.

Long answer... I Phones don't and stubornly will not allow flash players on their phones.  We wouldn't be surprised if someone works out a way of doing it, because flash is all over the web.  We can make zoomable charts using a
different (slower) technique, but it would entail a whole new set made up (each chart consists of 100's of individual tiles), and constantly maintaining 2 sets of data.

We're waiting in the hope that flash for iphones will come.

Good news, is the new generation of Android phones coming out right now DO support flash, and should work well with the zoomify charts...we'll test this ASAP. No buying apps, just login to the site, view the charts full size.

Kind Regards,


Sign Up Page:



Your sign up page doesn't work.    Address Line 1 is listed as mandatory, and the application is refused without it, but there's no box onscreen to allow that data to be entered."

This was sent at 17/08/2010 11:47:05
REPLY 13:28

There is some strange glitch that affects a tiny percentage of browsers/setup combinations, gives the same symptoms as you describe.

Our designer is trying to find the problem, as it affects his own site too.  So far we have been unable to replicate the problem, but we know it exists.

Soloution:  Create your log in account on another computer for the first time.  Once that's done you'll find everything works as it should on your own one.

OR if you have another browser on your machine, try that.

OR email us your details and we'll set the login account up from here.

We'll be out of the office this afternoon, but will check emails later today.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,


Problem Viewing Zoomify Charts


Have subscribed this morning and activated my account but I am unable to view the Zoomify Charts?

My experience is:

I go to the website and log in. I click Zoomify Charts on the left hand part of the screen. It then takes me to an example page of Liverpool approaches where I then click Get Access. It then asks me to login again,
which I do and it takes me to, "You have been logged in, where would you like to go next". I then click Zoomify Charts on the left again and I repeat the process. I am going round in circles.

I have checked my subscription and it says, "You are a Full Member, your access to charts expires on 15th August 2011".

Can you help?



This was sent at 15/08/2010 12:58:16
REPLY: 13:23
XXXX, do you have a phone number we can call you on right now ?  We'll
sort it out.
BACK:  13:25
Yes I do - its xxxxxxxxxxx
RESULT...phoned up and sorted it out (browser configuration) before 13:37

Problem Viewing Zoomify Charts 2


"Don't seem to be able to view your sample chart, so not likely to pay £25! I am using Firefox on a Mac (Mac OS X 10.6.4). Any ideas?"

This was sent at 14/08/2010 11:33:02
REPLY: 12:25
If you are using Firefox 3.6 and you haven't installed the latest version of flash....and removed the old version etc.etc.
There have been problems with this since 3.6 was launched and is not specific to our site only.
If you remove 3.6 and use  firefox 3.5.11 which was launched within the last few weeks it should work.  We used to really rate firefox, but they don't seem to have things sorted before they launch new versions.
Be interested if THIS chart works in your system:
If this works, all the geo-ref charts will work, and the problem is the "full screen" not working on your browser.
Kind Regards,
VisitMyHarbour  01983 567866
Thanks for your prompt response.

Doesn't work in Firefox, but does in Safari, so I tried the main site in Safari as well - perfect!
Thanks for your tips on fixing FF - to be honest, I switched to it from IE7 because it was genuinely better, but it seems to be going the way of IE itself now. As always, a bit of a mission to fix, I think I will just use Safari for the time being, I am sure there will be ANOTHER FF update coming along soon.....
That's a nice implementation of Zoomify, and the charts look great. Are you working from UKHO GEOTiffs, or from 127dpi ARCS? How are you handling projections and datum offsets? I'm interested in the claim that paying £25 will give access to "All UK and Irish charts" in the UKHO catalogue - certainly not all of them are available in ARCS - what about the Polar Stereographic ones and the 4000 series?
Constructive criticism: On your "Not for Navigation" disclaimer, there is an unnecessary apostrophe in "its" (x2).
Keep up the good work.
Best regards,
Glad it's working, try IE 8  it really is good and faster than firefox.  We were BIG fans of firefox but not now.  Version 3.5.10 and 3.5.11 still work great and you can get them no problems.
We use Geo Tiffs, projections and offsets...not much of an issue.  The zoomify is geo-reffed from the corners, and would not handle large area, small scale charts like the whole UK.  It basically works on a grid/pixel count system.(can't handle curves)
For all the medium and large scale charts it is not a problem.  In practice the cursor positions tie in very nicely with grids on the charts, certainly close as you'd need for waypoint lifting.  We encourage users to test the accuracy of the geo-reffing before using.
We've got all the Standard Nautical Charts for the UK and Ireland covered, bar about 3 or 4.  Problem here is French input.  We don't have permission to show.  In fact we had to secure separate permissions from many organisations (think Trinity House) and Councils (Torridge district council !) who have input info .  The UKHO can't provide blanket permissions for all, only most custodian organisations.
Here's a list, but on a couple we've had to crop off French input:
Download PDF Home Waters chart list  List of all charts available within this service for reference or printing.
Special charts and projections we don't use, ocean planning, polar etc. Only UK and Ireland.  I'm not sure about the ARCS, at a quick glance, the digital catalogue seems to look identical to the paper chart one.
UPDATE 2011  NOW Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Atlantic, West Indies charts all in members area
We may well be able to expand our coverage to include other countries shortly.
Kind Regards,


SENT: 17:55 with attachment
All done for you,
REPLY 18:03
That is fantastic - thank you ever so much, I am extremely grateful.  I will certainly recommend your site.



"Fantastic site. so glad to have discovered it. Well done"

This was sent at 13/08/2010 12:50:20
Thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated.  We do try our hardest to produce a useful mainly free resource.
We've been online a year (+1 years prior prep work), and are now starting to get good recognition from Google at any rate.  The £25 chart packages are our only "product", and they are rated by those who buy them.  Shortly we'll be getting foreign charts online too.
Around the boating scene we are still basically unknown, so we'd really appreciate it if you'd spread the word in blogs, forums, letters to the editor, etc.
In the meanwhile, if you'd like a free try of the online zoomify charts, you can use this login: Valid for next 10 days odd.
BE SURE to download these PDFs first, as they explain how to use them:
Download PDF beginners guide to learn how to screenshot and print.
Download PDF user guide   Essential hints and tips for purchasers
Download PDF Home Waters chart list  List of all charts available within this service for reference or printing 
Thanks again, most people simply use/take our stuff without any feedback.
Kind Regards,

Need to update 


"You need to update your information on Portland Harbour and the safe route channel to the new marina and WPNSA"

This was sent at 12/08/2010 20:21:56
REPLY 21:43

Have uploaded July 2010 Chart of Portland now, and will make calls tomorrow and establish what's going on.

Thanks for letting us know, much appreciated.  There's a lot going on there, and we will try and keep on top of it all.

Kind Regards,




"Hi there
this is great information, but I have only just discovered you - are you new? When did you start? Did you have charts on the site last year? It is an excellent quick reference.

best regards

This was sent at 12/08/2010 15:16:35
REPLY: 17:15
Thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated.  We do try our hardest to produce a useful mainly free resource.
Around the boating scene we are still basically unknown, so we'd really appreciate it if you'd spread the word in blogs and forums, etc.
Thanks again, most people simply use/take our stuff without any feedback.
Kind Regards,

I'll tell my sailing friends. The dailysail would be a good site to talk to, as they might even review your site, as online charts are a big attraction

Good luck with it all

Stolen Jetskis



"we had 2 jetskis stolen and wondered if you could possibly put something
in the county press for us. tel is 07540 788660 many thanks i

 1 Blue and Silver GTX DI, one Blue and White GTX Millineum Edtion with 2
trailers, stolen from Warden Rd, Totland Bay, Isle of Wight approx 2am
Sunday morning last seen being towed at high speed on a mitsubishi warrior
on colwell road heading towards Yarmouth, we're awaiting cctv, ferry ports
have been alerted, the ski's are data tagged and can only be started if
taken to a seadoo main dealer for a chipped key for computer.. Any info
please contact us or the Police Thank you 07540 788660 08450454545"

This was sent at 10/08/2010 13:03:45

Have added the details provided at the bottom of our harbour coverage of:





Hope you recover them.


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