Printing of Charts displayed on this website ?

Is it LEGAL ?  Is it Practical ?

Taking screenshots and subsequent printing of any chart images found on this website, either in the free section or in the members area is "unauthorised reproduction of Crown Copyright material"

There are exceptions covered by the Fair Dealing doctrine in UK law, and these may well apply to you.

See the LEGAL SECTION for further details

If "Fair Dealing" applies to you, and you choose to make printouts, make sure you fully understand the limitations of what you are printing, and understand the technical and legal reasons why printouts CANNOT BE USED FOR NAVIGATION.

Full Screen charts around the site cannot be printed simply by using a "print" or ctrl P.

On Windows computers there are 2 methods of taking screenshots.  You can either use your "prt sc" key to snap the current view to clipboard, then paste that into a program like "paint".  From there you can print.

Otherwise download a screen-grab program such as Gadwin Print Screen which will make an easy job of it all once properly set up:

Download direct from their own website here:   (It's the last one on the list).

Thanks to member Nigel Sherrat, for pointing us in the direction of this very useful piece of free software. 


Macs are well equipped to take screenshots, using onboard software, see here:
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