Dynamic UK Tidal Streams App

The perfect companion for those using Marine Navigator and VMH charts..


Designed by Mike Rossiter, long time VMH associate

This just released Android app is (as far as we can see) unique in Google Play.. in as much as it's a truly dynamic, visual representation of the tidal streams around our coasts.

For the many users of Marine Navigator and our VMH charts, this (under £7) app looks like the perfect companion.. it will provide all the tidal info you require to help you time/plan your passages. It's not time sensitive, so it's not a subscription and does not expire.. It's a one off PlayStore purchase, no trickster "in app purchases".

Here at VMH we've been testing and suggesting tweaks.  It's ready now. 

For the average user of Marine Navigator, how this can help with planning is like this:

1. Make your route as normal in Marine Navigator

2. Examine this route in the Streams App.

3. Test different departure times, look for tidal gateways, look at places you may get stopped dead by the streams.. and plan accordingly.

We've found it simple enough to use, and suitable for coastal tidal planning. Learning curve not too steep, you'll have the measuse of this quickly. This won't calculate CTS, or do anything too fancy.. but it WILL show you dynamically and vividly hour by hour what the tidal streams are doing along your proposed route.

The PDF instructions will give you an idea of what it's capable of:

Download Streams PDF

Get it on your Android tablet/phone from Google Play:


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