Retail Lockdown 2020==UPDATE

Dear Members and Customers,

Just quickly.. Tue 24 March 2020.  Following guidelines laid down last night, we are totally closing our Cowes office and will not be working from there for the moment.  Makes more sense to not travel and to work from home, we had already shut the shop to walk in customers.

SO, from 25th March do not post anything to the Cowes address, or try phoning our usual number 01983 293757.

All other services are running normally


Mail Order sales

Tough Tabs and other Tablet chartplotters


Email help and contact form

We can post as normal so no problem.

We will need to set up a phone contact number ASAP.  Check the  CONTACT US  page

Spare a thought for us, and please keep buying.... we will keep sending.

I wouldn't even think of isolating on your boats.. locals in coastal communities are very wary of out of towners at present.

Tip: air ionisers by Pure Mate.  These work, have tested 2 at home one big and one small. (severe asthmatic in our home), they help a lot. Seem to pull a lot of stuff out of the air. Bigger one is better. No fans or filters..electrosatic. Research suggests they pull particles like bacteria and viruses out of the air.  Worth researching.

Silver lining: Our shop landlord is now letting us stay on for months, so the pressure on moving our office is off till autumn.

Back in the shop later this year when things (hopefully) settle.

Take care all of you


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