Getting Started 2a: Anchor Alarm

After connecting your GPS (and maybe other NMEA sources) as shown in article 2...  Here is something cruising sailors will appreciate.  qtVlm has a built in anchor alarm.


To start with the GPS needs to connected, and the NMEA needs to be applied to the boat ( see article 2).  So here we are anchoring in Whitecliff Bay. Click the big boat icon top RH side, this opens the control panel shown on the LH side. Choose the Anchor tab, and maybe hit the drop anchor button as the anchor hits the bottom and the chain starts paying out.


You will find the various options to play with in the tab shown above.

The aim should be to hit that Drop Anchor button at the spot the anchor is actually dug into the ground, and this is probably more easily done on a tablet version of qtVlm rather than a laptop in the cabin.

Anyway you can set safe distances once everything has settled down.  Have a play, enjoy !

Note VHM has a good range of anchoring tips and info   ANCHORING

For those with Windows machines (who may also want qtVlm on Android or iPad)   UNIFIED CHARTS from mid April 2018 also support qtVlm (as well as the already supported programs and apps.)   For those with Macs, Linux, RaspberryPi etc.. We now make CROSS PLATFORM charts that'll work on anything that qtVlm will run on.  CLICK HERE

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