Using VMH with iPads and Android tablets

Tablet computers and smart phones are a very popular way of "consuming" internet content, so:

(use your Android tablet as a "For Nav" offline chartplotter, scroll to bottom of this page)


So here's a brief rundown of using your iPad or Android tablet online with VisitMyHarbour.

For general online use of the VisitMyHarbour website,  tablets work very well.

The BIG problem is that the free harbour charts and tide tables use a Flash Player to display the licensed content.  Which means on tablets without a Flash Player (nearly all), the charts and tide tables will not work.

Give the site a try on a PC or Mac

(there are boring technical reasons which make it difficult for us to convert to the new HTML5 tablet compatible versions everewhere in the free parts of the site)

Paid-up members of VisitMyHarbour have access to members area charts and tide tables in HTML 5 format (no Flash player needed).  In our experience these HTML5 charts in an Android environment work best when using Google Chrome browser on your tablet. On ipads the standard Safari browser handles these fine. If on a tablet, try the examples below:

Falmouth Chart HTML5

Approaches to Oban HTML5

Dover 2017 tide table HTML5

Aberdeen 2017 tide table HTML5

So in conclusion if you use an Android or ipad tablet  you will be able to browse the website (but maybe not see the free charts and tide tables) Solution...either join up or use your home PC/Mac for free. 


Offline: Use your Android tablet as a completely self-contained chartplotter

Android only chartsAndroid chart plotter: Android tablets with the RIGHT app can make a great stand alone chart plotting system..  self contained with GPS, quick starting, full navigation facilities.  We've worked with Ronald Koenig, the developer of the cracking "Marine Navigator" Android app.  Now Android charts are bundled with our best selling "Charts for SeaClear" DVDs for free. .  App costs about £6.50  from Play Store. Chartpacks available as Android only download £7.99 members/£14.95 non members


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