Buy our GPS receiver kit XP to Windows 8- £30

At Last, VisitMyHarbour have their own branded GPS receiver kit designed for easy setting up with SeaClear.
(compatible with Windows XP up to Windows 8.1)

Works with all Windows from XP through to Windows 8.1

SeaClear, the free navigation program used in our licensed UK chart package "Charts for SeaClear", is capable of using any GPS set that can output an NMEA stream to a laptop's USB or serial port. In the last few months our help team have dealt with customers wanting to connect up just about every brand and flavour of GPS ever made... on just about every Windows operating system ever invented !

Finally, we've decided to start selling our own GPS receivers.  The criteria was that they should be reliable, sensitive and easy to set up with SeaClear, AND any variety of Windows operating system. PS: these also work with OpenCPN and Polar Navy

This comes with the drivers on a CD, and 5 page illustrated instructions for setting up. PLUS any tech help required by phone.

Buy this now for £30  (plus £3.50 UK P&P covers orders up to £69.50), orders sent the same day, 1st class post:


This  unit is branded "VisitMyHarbour" spec below:

The unit contains the latest SiRFIII Low Power Chipset for high sensitivity. It communicates with the Windows laptop (running SeaClear) via a 2M long USB cable, which also powers the device.

Waterproof to IPX6

Magnetic base (keep away from compasses and computer hard drives)

  • Positioning performance
    <2.5m [Autonomous][50%] <2m [SBAS]
    Rate:<0.1m/s Direction:<0.5 Degrees
    Timing accuracy:30us Reference coordinate system:WGS-84
    Max Altitude:50000 m Max Speed :500 m/s
    Acceleration:< 4g

  • Electrical properties Other parameters
    Tracking sensitivity: -162 dBm Standard clock pulse : 0.25Hz ~1 KHz
    Acquisition Sensitivity: -146dBm Positioning update rate :1Hz ~ 5Hz (Default 1Hz)
    Acquisition time (average) USB port interface
    Cold Start: 32seconds, Data Rate: 4800bps
    Warm Start: 32seconds, Operating temperature : -40? ~ +85?
    Hot Start: 1 seconds, Dimension: 28mm×28m×8.4mm
    AGPS :3 seconds


Stop  scratching your head, and BUY THIS GPS NOW.  You will find the step by step instructions easy to follow, and we guarantee it will work with our "Charts for SeaClear".   We offer the usual 30 day "No Quibble" money back guarantee plus phone backup if you get stuck setting it up.

Buy this now for £30 (plus £3.50 UK P&P covers orders up to £69.50), orders sent the same day, 1st class post:


Positioning the unit on the boat:  It's very sensitive, and won't need to be placed outdoors unless you have a steel boat.  The 2m USB cable can be extended if required.  Keep well away from the boat's compass.

Any problems or enquiries, just phone 01983 293757  11 - 4.30 Mon-Fri closed Sats

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