VMH Autumn 2020 update...Retail shop hours reducing

Well it's been a very strange and unsettling year so far !

Good news is we're still here and working, and the pandemic has thrown us a bit of a bonus.  We were expecting to have to move our retail shop in late May, and even had somewhere lined up.  Luckily the lockdown has changed the shop landlords plans, and we are OK where we are in Cowes High St, at least till spring 2021.  If we want to stay that is.

So 2020 started really well till late Feb, when things got scary. We locked down in March and re-opened late June, all the time working remotely or in the closed shop. Orders and members carried on, sales albeit reduced continued, and the postal service proved itself reliable.

Where you, our customers, had no access to your boats.. it meant a very late start to the season.  Also where sailing foreign was not possible this year, it meant a loss of sales for European chartsets..

All in all we haven't done too badly and plan to continue as normal.. with a couple of small modifications for the end of season.  We suspect there will be further disruption Autumn and Winter, and are therefore modyfing our hours and contacts.

From October 2020, the shop/office at 36 High St Cowes, will only be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM.  During these hours you can drop in or phone in (01983 293757)

The rest of the time we will be working remotely, providing 7 days a week support, with mail orders, memberships and all correspondence dealt with straight away.  You can order with confidence 7 days a week as normal, and be sure of full, fast backup service.

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